Bushfire Education Foundation Inc


10 things you need to know about Bushfires

  1. You are responsible for your own safety during a bushfire.
  2. Develop your personal fire plan; it will help if you are impacted by a bushfire.
  3. Bushfires have the power to impact on suburban houses.
  4. Leave early, roads become extremely dangerous, don't drive into smoke.
  5. If you are in a car have a full tank of fuel, drinking water and a woolen blanket.
  6. Trapped in your car find a clear space and face the car towards the fire.
  7. Your mobile phone may not work during a bushfire.
  8. Bushfires can travel up to 25 K's per hour, can you run that fast and for how long.
  9. Radiant heat can kill you up to 300 meters from the fire, you can't see it.
  10. Knowledge about bushfires will give you better survival skills.