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Anglesea and Strathewen

CFA - Anglesea Program

CFA "Survive and Thrive" Program

Anglesea's Fire Education Partnership — a partnership between the brigade and the primary school-created and runs the "Survive and Thrive" Program — a three year fire education program which year four, five and six students at Anglesea Primary School take part in. The program is integrated into the student's curriculum as weekly fire education lessons.

At the end of Grade 4 the students are introduced to the fire brigade and the program.

Their first full year in the program is in Grade 5. During the year the students learn about bushfire behaviour — how fires are affected by weather, topography and fuel. They learn about the role of agencies in bushfires, and firefighting strategies and methods they use. And are taught about the history of major bushfires and meet and talk with individuals who have experienced them. The students are also taught teaching methods in a session, so that they in turn can teach their parents, siblings, community members and other students about what they have learnt and their own tailor made workshops that encourage others to consider how they too can Survive and Thrive before, during and after a bushfire.

The second and final year the students then review what they have learnt and develop an education program and present at other primary schools in the region, so as a public awareness tool this Program is incredibly effective. As a result of the program, the students who have participated are more fire prepared, as are their peers and families.

The success of the program has also led to a partnership being formed at Strathewen between the primary school and the Arthurs Creek Strathewen Fire Brigade; where the Survive and Thrive Program has been adapted slightly from the original format to suit their students and community.

As of 2016 both partnerships and the Survive and Thrive Program are supported and facilitated by CFA for a two year pilot period.